First Issue 2004
Welcome to Connections, the new web-based quarterly newsletter of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. It has been a few months more than five years ago when I stood alone in front of highly inquisitive audiences of 250 to 300 nonprofit leaders and development officers in Indianapolis and Phoenix who were eager to know how the Trust was going to conduct business in Indiana and Arizona. Our grants program staff did not yet exist in either of our offices and there were no employees hired yet in Phoenix.
Our newsletter is appropriately named Connections. As the name implies, the newsletter is not only a way to demonstrate the connection between our grantmaking in Arizona and Indiana, but also a way to connect the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust with you.
In its first grant award presentations for 2004, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust awarded $3,954,500 to 43 nonprofit organizations in Arizona and Indiana. The grants awarded by category of interest are: $3,287,000 for helping people in need; $460,000 for protecting animals and nature and $207,500 for enriching community life, primarily in the metropolitan Indianapolis and Phoenix. more>>
In 2001 the Trust established the Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars program to open doors of opportunity and education for men and women who do not qualify for “traditional” college financial aid. more>>