First Issue 2005

Welcome to this first issue of Connections for 2005 and our fourth since initiating this online publication last year. Previous issues of Connections are archived on our web site.

This month, with the announcement of the first round of grants for 2005, the NMPCT has awarded more than $100 million since it began making grants in late 1998.

Over the past seven years, since the Trust began making grants in Arizona and Indiana, 585 different nonprofit organizations have benefited from the Trust's support and more than 160 Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars have participated in the program. The Trust's endowment was approximately $354 million as of the end of 2004. more>>


Nina Mason Pulliam believed that every person should give back to his or her community in order to make it a better place. Enriching Community Life is one of the three grantmaking areas of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, focusing specifically on two fields, Arts and Culture, and Community Building and Civic Revitalization. Since the Trust began grantmaking in 1998, it has awarded $15,356,685 to 92 nonprofit organizations in the Indianapolis and Phoenix communities to enrich community life. In 2004 the Trust awarded $762,500 to 15 organizations, including family museums, youth art programs, homeownership programs and agencies providing technical assistance to other nonprofits. more>>

First Round of Grants for 2005 Announced
"With the first round of grants for 2005 totaling $4,518,500, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust has awarded $100,599,650 to 585 nonprofit organizations," said Frank E. Russell, Trustee chairman. more>>

Application deadline April 1, 2005
The Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars program in Arizona and Indiana is accepting applications for the fifth Nina Scholar cohort. In 2001 the Trust established the Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars program to open doors of opportunity and education for men and women who do not qualify for traditional college financial aid. more>>

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