2009 Third Round Arizona Grantees

The Trust’s third round of 2009 grant awards totals $1,190,886 and
includes grants in the priority areas of Helping People in Need and Protecting Animals and Nature. The Trust did not award grants this round in the Enriching Community Life program area in Arizona. For more detailed information see Arizona

The break down by program category is:
  - Helping People in Need - 16 organizations - $752,886
  - Protecting Animals and Nature - 6 organizations - $438,000
  - Enriching Community Life - 0

  A & A Cottages, Inc. $50,000
  AASK Arizona - Aid to Adoption of Special Kids $60,000
  Arizona Association for Environmental Education $75,000
  Arizonans For Children, Inc. $56,086
  Audubon Arizona $100,000
  Child Crisis Center $75,000
  Community Asset & Resource Enterprise Partnership $53,400
  Crisis Nursery, Inc. $75,000
  Family Promise-Greater Phoenix $20,000
  Foothills Animal Rescue, Inc. $30,000
  *Foothills Food Bank $11,000
  Foundation For Blind Children $50,000
  Grand Canyon Wildlands Council $85,000
  National Advocacy & Training Network $45,000
  Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix $67,000
  *On the Commons $75,000
  *Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank $10,000
  Rehoboth Community Development Corporation $35,000
  Teach For America, Inc. $100,000
  Teen Lifeline $10,400
  *University of Arizona Foundation - UA Water Resources Research Center $73,000
  *Without Walls Christian Center $35,000
Total Arizona - 22 Organizations

*Denotes first-time grant recipient


Preliminary Applications are Due January 7, 2010


Copyright 2009
The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Welcome to Connections!

Fall 2009

As the holidays are upon us, it is indeed a time for reflection. The year has been full of great struggles for many citizens and nonprofit organizations. Rising to the challenge beginning in January and continuing throughout the year, the Trust increased its support to organizations assisting families and individuals in crisis.

To increase its effectiveness, the Trust engaged in collaborations with other foundations as well as created its own emergency funding initiatives. The former included the Choose to Help Campaign, a collaboration of 10 funders that pooled $1.6 million to fund 45 basic needs service provider organizations. The latter was a $500,000 initiative with the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County to save more than 750 families from losing their homes.

Earlier this month, the Trust announced its third and final round of competitive grant awards for 2009, presenting $1,190,886 to 22 Arizona nonprofit organizations and projects. In total the Trust has distributed $7,156,398 to organizations serving Arizona this year.

Organizations supporting children and youth received $689,886. The funded programs focus on blind and handicapped infants; uninsured children and those in the child welfare system; educational support for low-income children; teens reaching out for help; youth aging out of foster care; as well as promoting kindergarten through 12th grade environmental education.

Grants totaling $313,000 are primarily assisting families in crisis. In the area of housing, the grants are supporting transitional living units, home retention and predatory lending counseling, and demonstrating the benefits of alternative energy in low-and moderate-priced housing. Grants to social service agencies are helping women fleeing domestic violence and seeking help with substance abuse, as well as enhancing food bank distribution facilities.

In addition, the Trust provided $188,000 to three organizations working to protect the environment and wildlife, as well as domestic animal rescue and care.

Please join me in congratulating the Trust’s November grantees.

In 2010, we look forward to continuing to serve as a thoughtful philanthropic partner, in response to the community’s needs, as Nina Mason Pulliam did throughout her lifetime.

As always, we welcome your comments and ideas for Connections.