2009 Third Round Indiana Grantees

The Trust’s third round of 2009 grant awards in Indiana totals $1,515,000 and represents every area of the Trust’s mission. For more detailed information on Indiana grants, go to descriptions.

The break down by program category is:
  - Helping People in Need - 15 organizations - $1,305,000
  - Protecting Animals and Nature - 2 organizations - $110,000
  - Enriching Community Life - 1 organization - $100,000

  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, Inc. $50,000
  FACE - Foundation Against Companion Animal Euthanasia, Inc. $50,000
  Indiana Juvenile Justice Task Force, Inc. $65,000
  Indiana University Foundation - IU School of Law - Bloomington $60,000
  Indianapolis Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc. $50,000
  Ruth Lilly Health Education Center $50,000
  Martin University, Inc. $500,000
  *Mount Zion Day Care Center, Inc. $75,000
  The Orchard School Foundation $100,000
  Riley Children's Foundation $75,000
  *The Salvation Army Social Service Center $50,000
  School on Wheels $50,000
  United Way of Central Indiana - Early Readers Club $100,000
  United Way of Central Indiana - Youth As Resources $80,000
  Use What You've Got Prison Ministry Keeping Families Connected, Inc. $25,000
  The Villages of Indiana, Inc. $50,000
  Volunteers of America of Indiana, Inc. $75,000
  *The Wellness Community - Central Indiana, Inc. $10,000
Total Indiana - 18 Organizations

*Denotes first-time grant recipient


Preliminary Applications are Due January 7, 2010


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The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Welcome to Connections!

Fall 2009

As the holidays are upon us, it is indeed a time for reflection. This year has been full of great struggles for many citizens and nonprofit organizations. Rising to the challenge beginning in January and continuing throughout the year, the Trust increased its support to organizations assisting families and individuals in crisis.

To increase its effectiveness, the Trust engaged in collaborations with other foundations as well as created its own emergency funding initiatives. The former included participating in the Community Economic Relief Fund (CERF), managed by the United Way of Central Indiana. The latter was a $700,000 commitment shared by 14 Indianapolis community centers, each of which are first responders to hundreds of low- and moderate-income individuals and families seeking assistance, including help to keep their homes.

Earlier this month, the Trust announced its third and final round of competitive grant awards for 2009, presenting $1,515,000 to 18 Indiana nonprofit organizations. In total, the Trust has distributed $7,156,398 to Indiana nonprofit organizations and projects this year.

Educational programs for kindergarten through 12th grade received $985,000. The programs focus on literacy, fitness and nutrition, science, engineering, mathematics, even aerospace, initiatives to encourage first-generation college enrollment, and facility improvements.

In addition, the Trust provided $215,000 to four organizations supporting families dealing with a relative’s incarceration or providing programs to prevent recidivism. Grants totaling $265,000 went to programs for children with serious illness, domestic violence services, youth community service projects, and families’ and fathers’ support programs. A $50,000 grant for low-cost dog and cat spay/neuter surgeries completed the grant awards.

Please join me in congratulating the Trust’s November grantees.

In 2010, we look forward to continuing to serve as a thoughtful philanthropic partner in response to the community’s needs, as Nina Mason Pulliam did throughout her lifetime.

As always, we welcome your comments and ideas for Connections.